New breeding site of the endemic Algerian Nuthatch discovered last spring


Until now, the Algerian Nuthatch (Sitta ledanti) is known only in four sites, namely the forests of Babor, Guerrouch, Tamentout and Djimla (see map below). All sites are close to each other but separated by unsuitable habitats, and are located in what’s known as ‘Petite Kabilie’ or Kabylie of the Babors, north-east Algeria…

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Status and breeding biology of the Algerian Nuthatch (Sitta ledanti) in the Guerrouch forest (Algeria)

The breeding pairs of the Algerian Nuthatch have been censused in the Guerrouch forest (Taza National Park, Jijel, Algeria). A decrease in numbers was assessed when comparing with data collected in the early 1990s. The main reason is the habitat degradation by human activities. First data were obtained by studying a nest located in a Zeen Oak. The clutch size was of 6 eggs. Incubation time was estimated to last 17 days and the nestling period likely to last 21 days. The breeding season stretched from April to early June. No evidence of second clutch.

Moulaï, R., Bouchareb, A., Gheribi, A. & Bougaham, A. F. 2017. Statut de la population et biologie de la reproduction de la Sittelle Kabyle Sitta ledanti dans la forêt de Guerrouch (Algérie). Alauda 85: 101-107.

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Algerian Nuthatch: status and breeding biology at the Guerrouch forest.

Sittelle kabyle (Sitta ledanti), forêt de Guerrouch, Parc National de Taza, Algérie (Riadh Moulaï)
Sittelle kabyle (Sitta ledanti), forêt de Guerrouch, Parc National de Taza, Algérie (Riadh Moulaï).