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Atlas Pied Flycatcher: variability of identification characters

Deux articles qui traitent l’identification de Gobemouche de l’Atlas (Ficedula speculigera) et les espèces similaires: Gobemouche noir européen (F.h. hypoleuca) et ibérique (F.h. iberiae), Gobemouche à collier (F. albicollis) et les hybrides albicollis x hypoleuca Two articles dealing with field identification of the … Continue reading

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Breeding ecology of the Atlas Pied Flycatcher in an old oak forest in northeastern Algeria

Boudeffa, K., Brahmia, Z. & Benyacoub, S. (2014). Breeding ecology of the Atlas Pied Flycatcher Ficedula speculigera in an old oak Quercus suber forest in northeastern Algeria. Bird Study 61 (1): 73–81. doi: 10.1080/00063657.2013.876971 (Free access) Abstract: Capsule: Low clutch size (CS) … Continue reading

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