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Taxonomic status of the Atlas Long-legged Buzzard revisited

A new study showed that ‘Atlas Long-legged Buzzard’ is composed of individuals with admixed genomes of Long-legged Buzzard (rufinus) and Common Buzzard (buteo + vulpinus), but with closer relationship with the latter. The study thus suggested that cirtensis should be … Continue reading

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Wind effects on the migration routes of trans-Saharan soaring raptors

Vidal-Mateo, J., Mellone, U., López-López, P., De La Puente, J., García-Ripollés, C., Bermejo, A. & Urios, V. (2016). Wind effects on the migration routes of trans-Saharan soaring raptors: geographical, seasonal, and interspecific variation. Current Zoology 62: 89–97. doi: 10.1093/cz/zow008 (Open Access) … Continue reading

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Open trade in protected raptors at Souk Moncef Bey, Tunis

التجارة غير المشروعة في الطيور الجارحة المحمية بسوق المنصف باي، في تونس العاصمة هذه بعض الصور التي التقطها أحد أفراد الجمعية التونسية للحفاظ على الحياة البرية يوم أمس بسوق المنصف باي الذي أصبح مكانا معتادا للمتاجرة بالأنواع المحميّة و المهدّدة … Continue reading

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Mode de prédation très particulier du Faucon d’Éléonore (Falco eleonorae) sur l’Archipel d’Essaouira, Maroc Atlantique

Qninba, A., Benhoussa, A., Radi, M., El Idrissi, A., Bousadik, H., Badaoui, B. & El Agbani, M. A. (2015). Mode de prédation très particulier du Faucon d’Éléonore Falco eleonorae sur l’Archipel d’Essaouira (Maroc Atlantique). Alauda 83: 149–150. Pas de résumé pour … Continue reading

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Griffon Vultures (Gyps fulvus) at Tikjda (Djurdjura), Algeria

In Northwest Africa, the Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) currently breeds with certainty only in Algeria, while its breeding in Morocco is doubtful, and the species is most likely extinct in Tunisia (read: The eight vulture species of Northwest Africa). Here are some … Continue reading

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Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in Algeria

Algeria has probably the largest population of the Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), and the species is still well represented in several Algerian regions. The Algerian National Association of Ornithology (an NGO created … Continue reading

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Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina) in north-east Algeria

Aigle pomarin (Aquila pomarina) photographié dans le nord-est Algérien par Salah  elailia le 25 juin 2015. L’identification originale semble être incorrecte comme l’ont indiqué plusieurs birdwatcheurs dans la page facebook (Giannis Gasteratos et Alex Colorado Delgado ont été les premiers à le … Continue reading

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