Taxonomic status of the Atlas Long-legged Buzzard revisited


A new study showed that ‘Atlas Long-legged Buzzard’ is composed of individuals with admixed genomes of Long-legged Buzzard (rufinus) and Common Buzzard (buteo + vulpinus), but with closer relationship with the latter. The study thus suggested that cirtensis should be treated as a subspecies of Common Buzzard.

La Buse du Maghreb n’est plus une Buse féroce mais une ……

via North African Buzzard is not a Long-legged but a Common Buzzard — MaghrebOrnitho

New breeding site of the endemic Algerian Nuthatch discovered last spring


Until now, the Algerian Nuthatch (Sitta ledanti) is known only in four sites, namely the forests of Babor, Guerrouch, Tamentout and Djimla (see map below). All sites are close to each other but separated by unsuitable habitats, and are located in what’s known as ‘Petite Kabilie’ or Kabylie of the Babors, north-east Algeria…

via New breeding site of the Algerian Nuthatch discovered in Algeria — MaghrebOrnitho